Personalized course focused on emotional and physical issues

Natural horsemanship combined with Sonic acupuncture treatment offered by Simin Nadjafi and Rudi Wienand together

This course is designed for you and your horse to solve emotional and physical issues affecting your equine experience. You can bring your horse to us in the Costa de la luz or we can come to you for course fee, travel and accomodation.

     -  Combiend movement analysis of both horse and rider on the ground.

     -  Movement Analysis with video feedback of horse & rider in action.

     -  Training schedule for 6 weeks for horse and rider

     -  3 day personalised training and treatment for horse and rider, taylored to your individual needs and ailments which include:

     - 45 min. sonic acupuncture for the rider per day,

     -  1 hour ground work for the rider per day,

     -  45 min. sonic acupuncture for the horse per day,

     -  1 hour groundwork for the horse per day,

     -   2x45 minutes coached riding (seat & balance  and Iberian dressage);

     -  Resolving communication, obedience or motivation problems between horse and rider

     -  Easing stress, relaxing fascia and muscle tensions, treating skeletol and neurological ailments

- On-line Assistance over the following 6 weeks, 1 hour weekly.

Max. 2 Participants: (riders with own horses)

Duration: 3 days + on-line assistance over 6 weeks; aprox. 20 hours

In addition to the clinic fee:

Horses available upon request.

Stable and livery available upon request.

Please contact us for fees and scheduling.