Rudi Wienand, Austrian by birth,  is a lifelong musician who has travelled the world making music and exploring healing through music and  direct focussed vibration of specific frequencies. (DFV) Rudi views himself as a  researcher and sonic acupuncturist.

He specialises in the application of specific sound frequencies of planetary cycles (ie. the rotation and orbit of the Earth, the orbit of Venus or Mercury etc.)  The delivery to tissue achieves specific responses in living organisms, studied mainly on the human body, but also on animals and plants. Sonic acupuncture and deep tissue sound massage  transmit these sound frequencies to the body, giving astounding results in the treatment of neurological and physical ailments. All of Rudi's Tuning forks and Didgeridoos are specifically tuned to these cosmic frequencies. (see chart below)

Working alongside Dr. Gregorio Paz, doctor for Neurophysiology and director of the SERE clinic for neuro-rehabilitation in Mexico city which specializes in children with spina bifida.

Invited by Dr. Paz, Rudi, merged his musical expertise with the professional knowledge of the clinics neurologists and physiotherapists. The results were astounding. The findings were that Sonic acupuncture helped to re-activate the central and peripheral nervous system, thus enhancing the performance by up to 40%, regaining respiratory autonomy and decreasing spasticity to long term low levels in some cases medication could be suspended. Rudi worked with Dr. Paz and Sere for four years.

Rudi has applied Sonic Acupuncture and deep tissue sound massage for ten years  to people and recently began working with Simin treating  horses with various physical and emotional problems. The results were remarkable. The horses love it and respond to it with observable  positive changes. Sparky, a spirited lusitano rescue emotionally calmed down, became patient, stopped biting and became more focussed. Buscador, a PRE Cartesian stallion, who arrived as a severe problem animal, offers parts of his body at liberty for treatment, relaxed to a degree that chronic lumbar/iliosacral pain dissapeared along with local inflamation. In 7 months no one had seen this horse roll; after the second session he rolled infront of the didgeridoo.