Personalised training for Rider & Horse.

It is the sensitivity of the rider which defines the sensibility, subtlety and willingness of the horse.

I teach the fine Equestrian Art of Riding for advanced riders and coach the beginners towards:     

-  feel,

-  an independent and balanced seat

-  and a respectful and gentle use of legs and reins.

My purpose is to see the beauty of riders and horses merging in harmonic movements together as if in a dance.

I will help you to identify the source of any problems you may have in riding and any other issue you may be having with your horse, from tacking him up to ground manners and obedience problems and to work out a solution based, tailor-made training plan for you and your horse.

The horse always reflects our true state of being physically and mentally. He can only be as light and responsive as his rider. Therefore we need to observe and correct ourselves before we attempt to rectify our horses. Riding is meant to be a pleasure for both the horse as well as for his rider.

My goal is to guide you and your horse towards your full potential and have a great time doing it.

I am offering:

     •     Coaching Riders with their Horses to achieve their full potential;

     •     Resolving communication or obedience Problems between Riders & their Horses;

     •     Equestrian Art, Riding with lightness & feel, (basic experience in classical dressage required)

     •     Balance -timing - rhythm - feel, Training for Beginners (minimum 5 days);

     •     Seat & Balance Training on the lunge for beginners and advanced riders;

     •     Personalised Riders Gym

     •     Video-feedback on request

You can bring your own horse and organise a training session with us or I can come to you at your own location.

‘Equestrian Art is the perfect understanding

and harmony between horse and rider’

Nuno Oliveira