Both share a great passion for horses and enjoy to support people on their path to personal growth. They live and promote a happy and fulfilled lifestyle and want you to return home well centred in your shining aura

A Mirror to Your Soul

A horse-assisted Coaching Reteat for personal growth

wrapped in warm Andalusian vibrations

and  the spirit of  the famous Feria del cabllo en Jerez de la Frontera

Simin Nadjafi Hinrichs & Michaela Oertli

May 10th to 18th 2019

Location: The exquisite Andalusian Cortijo el Indiviso

During five energetic days on the Costa de la Luz you will discover your authenticity and uniqueness when you meet the horse as a reflection of your soul.

Standing eye to eye in front of a horse, you encounter yourself uncompromisingly and free. A horse cannot be fooled by words, or attempts to hide behind old habits. He always sees beyond any covers revealing the real you and recognises you free of ego and judgement.

The horse as a coach reflects us in the here and now as who we are in this the present moment. His sensitive approach brings transparency to what we are only subliminally aware of within ourselves. Horses teach us to be present and authentic, to trust our intuition and to follow our hearts.

In this Retreat we invite you to overcome your personal limits and fears in a playful way, With the assistance of our horses we will guide you through an adventure dedicated to let go of old patterns and blockages, to reveal your authenticity, your personal strengths and to awaken your full potential.


Simin Nadjafi Hinrichs,

equestrian artists

spiritual-horsemanship coach (www.domanatural.net )

Michaela Oertli,

horse-supported coach


What you can expect during this week:   

- The magical atmosphere of the Costa de la Luz in Andalusia, its’ amazing nature and the stunning beaches of Cape Trafalgar. The perfect place to take a break and do something good for your soul.

- Relaxation, a synergetic lifestyle in the foot hills of Vejer (Joy) in the beautiful classic Cortijo el Indiviso founded in 1898


- Coaching sessions with and without our horses to equip you with tools for a new approach to life and ways to overcome obstacles. caused by fear and set doubt. We do not focus on problems and pain but on a conscious, synergetic and proactive lifestyle that will help you to develop a successful approach to your relations, ideas and projects.

- Enjoy enlightening conversations in the circle of your fellow retreat family, while experiencing life with all your senses; refueling your energy and vitality.


Retreat – services include:  

- 8 nights accommodation in the Cortijo el Indiviso  

- a healthy and delicious breakfast.

- 5 x lunch – ‘Conscious Food’ specialities with local veggies and fresh fish  

- Welcome & Goodbye Dinner -

- 4 spiritual horsemanship sessions on energetic communication with Simin

- 3 personal coaching sessions with Michaela Oertli (www.pferd-als-coach.com)  - Visit to the feria de Jerez.

- Sherry tasting in a typical bodega.

- Tapa trip to the moorish village Vejer de la frontera

- Transfers to beaches.


For Pricing and reservations please contact us below


- A visit to the amazing Feria del Caballo in Jerez de la Frontera- Magnificent Horses, Flamenco and southern Spain’s unique gypsy spirit.