10.00: Arrival, Orientation Tour of the Finca el Anfora,

     -  Meet the horses: Vollapié, Sparkles, Buscador and Friends.

10.30: Demonstration with Sparkles:

     -     Liberty training showing aspects of:

          - classical,

          - natural and

          - spiritual Horsemanship;

     -     Training on Long Lines and Long Reins (classical).

11.30: Demonstration with Buscador:

     -  Preparing the horse to perform at liberty,

     -  Instilling the synchronisation of movements,

     -  Teaching tricks and circus exercises

     -  Equestrian Art training on the single lunge  

         a gymnastic workout for the horse and the mental preparation for the rider.

     - Honing coordination, refining his / her hands.

12.30: Demonstration with Volapie:

     - Performance at Liberty

     - Equestrian Art Riding

     - Bareback performance.

13.30 - 15.00: Lunch Break

     -  serving a delicious variety of typical Andalusian Tapas;

     - An Interactive game to understand how horses learn and

     - an introduction to Sonic Acupuncture.

15.00 - 17.30: Hands on experiences with our horses in the pen  

      - Introduction to Sonic Acupuncture :

      -  Liberty trial in the area with a horse,

Get a glimpse of spiritual, natural and classical horsemanship first hand..

17.30 - 18.00: Questions, Answers and some Sherry

This event can host a maximum of 20 people,

Please contact us for fees and scheduling.

‘Classical’, ‘Natural’ and ‘Spiritual’ -


An Introductory event with demonstrations, interactive games, tapas, some hands-on experience and a taste of Sonic Acupuncture