In this initial Horsemanship Course you will learn how to establish a relationship based on communication and trust with your horse, and how to become the leading partner in this relationship.

You will experience the silent language of Equus and learn to communicate through: energy, focus, positioning, body language and visualisation.

The goal is to increase your self-awareness and enable you to use your body-language consciously and in tune with your mindset, your energy and your intuition.

I will introduce you to the psychology of horses and their instinctive and natural behaviour patterns and help you to understand the predictability of equine conduct and guide you towards seeing and feeling the world as though through the eyes of a horse, tuning into his energy and trust by using your own intuition. so when needed you will have the tools to know what to do, when to do it and how to do it...

And your horse will reward you with a willing partnership and a flourishing performance.

The course involves:

-  Equine Communication,

-  Interactive games and exercises to understand how horses learns;

-  Practise exercises in the Pen and the arena

-  Theoretical guide-lines (equine psychology, instincts, natural behaviour and needs);

-  Observing and interacting with the herd on the pasture;

-  Care taking;

-  Fear management (demonstration);

-  The gentle use of pressure;

-  Synchronisation & Leadership Training,

-  Feedback and exchange.

Active participants: max. 6

Duration: 3 days, 18 hours (6 hours daily) + lunch break

(lunch in typical andalusian restaurant included)

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Optional additional booking of 6th full day ride in the BreƱa and along the beaches of the costa del Luz  - (lunch included).Please reserve your place when booking the seminar.

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